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My Personal Observation...

It pains to know that often posts do not receive the reactions they deserve.

Why does every post, no matter how heart wrenching it may be receives a thumbs up emoji?

It truly, does not take much effort for anyone to read and understand a post.

The pain of the writer behind those words. Trust me, it is real.

The daily struggle of living with grief. Trust me, it is real.

In losing a child one loses an entire future. Trust me, this is so painfully true.

No more dreams to fulfil, no more plans to be made, nothing left to celebrate

How then can such a post receive a thumbs up emoji?

Has society become so self centred and self absorbed in their own happiness, that it no longer feels compassion towards those struggling each and every day to live life without their loving child/ children?

So, the next time, should you come across a post from a grieving parent, please pause for a second to understand the struggles of the writer without their child/ children and then pause again before clicking on the appropriate emoji.

Just A Humble Request...

Narin Grewal


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