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And I turned 53 ...

My sincere apologies for being rather quiet lately as I was bogged down with work and was also recovering from neck and shoulder pain which the doctor believes is due to stress and my sitting posture at work. Just turned 53 on 29 Sep and I suppose all these pains are part of the aging process. We sometimes continue working as hard as we did when we were in our twenties failing to realize that we need to take things a little slower as we age. Still working on the process of aging as gracefully as I can. Spent the day walking down memory lane and reflecting on life in general. The tough challenges I had to face and some of which I struggle on a daily basis to come to terms with it. Someone recently asked me if I believed in God. I took my time to answer the question which was a few days later when we met again for coffee. I replied, "I know there has to be an external Supreme Force out there. Something so great that it created so many different species from mere cells. Made them different perhaps to teach them to adapt and accept. Who is this Supreme Being, I often ask myself? Countless have given him the title GOD. Perhaps he is someone whose form can't be described. Someone whose race/caste can't be defined. Someone who does not favour one belief over the other. He is perhaps beyond all these. Someone who teaches to love, to be compassionate, to overcome the struggles in life, to appreciate the good in our lives but yet remain detached to the worldly treasures. He wants us to know that life is just a passing journey where we are all just walking each other home. A home no ones knows where it is but finds out about only after the soul crosses over. But the one thing I am sure, this Supreme Being would like us all to know is that everyone is fighting a personal battle on a daily basis and the least we can do is to be kind to one another. Remember that with each passing day our journey on earth shortens. But when does it end, is anyone's guess. So, I believe this Supreme Being wants us to be as high in character as the mountains he has created. As gentle as the ocean waves that come in to greet the dry shores, glowing with kindness as the soothing moon and as cool as the tall trees that provide shade and as bright as the sun to brighten up the darkened path of others. So do I believe in God? All I can say is I believe there is a Supreme Force out there who has created this world as a stage and have us play out our roles as performers.

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