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A talk with my daughter ...

I posted a quote titled, "You will grieve" based on a talk my 18 year old daughter had with me recently. I was drowning in a whirlpool of grief and I did not realize that with each passing day I was falling deeper and deeper until my daughter sat me down and told me the harsh truth. "The world will not grieve with you Ma. The world will no longer speak about her and even when you do, they will show how uncomfortable they are. They will even end up saying the wrong things to try and stop the conversation from going further down memory lane. The world moved on soon after the cremation. It's your pain but sadly you can't allow yourself to be left too far behind that you will find it hard to catch up. There are bills to be paid, relationships to work on, even people to be eliminated from your circle of family and friends. She will always be in your heart and no one can ever take away the bond you shared with her. The fact that she was your child. But don’t have any expectations that others will feel the same way as you do about losing such a beautiful angel. They won’t know the pain as it did not happen to them. Only then did it dawn upon me how much truth there was in the words of an 18 year old. ~ Narin Grewal

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