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It's unfortunate that many people are too stubborn headed to even sit down and ask themselves if they are willing to open up their minds, step out of their box and experience looking at things from someone else's perspective. It's also sad that people are so happy believing that what they choose to defend and belief is way superior than someone else's believe. For e.g. Every day you hear people condemning fellow humans in the name of Religion. Condemning them that their choice of faith is wrong and satanic because they do not worship God in the same light.

To be honest, i have been asked the following questions because some people just choose to assume:

1) You're brown and yet you don't smell bad like many brown people do. How come you always smell so fresh?

2) You're a single parent. You should have tried to make the marriage work instead of heading for divorce.Well many of us do unlike some of you. Are your parents embarrassed that you're divorced ?

3) You ordered a glass of wine ! You're a woman, a brown woman and brown women don't drink! and the list goes on ....

I am a vegetarian but I don't judge people who eat meat. It's their choice. I am a stay home type of person but I don't judge people who enjoy spending their weekends out with friends. I lose my patience with people not based on their job titles but rather how they treat people who provide a service to them and they expect top notch service for the few dollars they're paying. Everyone tries to get the job done in the best possible way...some do it better than others but that does not give me the right to yell at a cashier who is learning to operate the cash register on her first day at the job and packing groceries at the same time. Or someone who is driving on the road by themselves after just getting their license and are a little slow in deciding if they need to switch lanes, slow down or pick up speed. They need time and practice to "perfect" the art of driving . So lets all give this topic some valuable thought to improve our lives and the lives of others around us. ~ Narin Grewal

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