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Who Am I?

I miscarried one of my twin in 1998 due to an abusive marriage. I watched my mom bleed to death due to a botched up operation in 2001. It was also a time when I was fighting for full custody of my almost 2 year old surviving twin with no visitation rights to be granted to the other party. In 2013, I lost my beautiful angel of a daughter to a sudden massive heart attack. She was only 25.

I have been seeing a doctor for depression since 2013 and at one of the sessions, he suggested I start writing my thoughts about child loss and share these with other grievers. He mentioned that both me and the reader will find comfort in this “healing” process as often grievers feel lonely and abandoned as no one likes to mention or ask about their child/spouse/sibling/parents/partners in heaven. After much thought and initial hesitation, I took his advise and hence came about

I write and compile not to seek fame nor recognition. I write and compile simply to help others cope with the pain of losing a loved one. I humbly thank all of you for the love and support you have shown towards this group, me and my website. It motivates me to continue writing and sharing my thoughts with all of you. God Bless ~ Narin Grewal

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