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Am I too weak a person?

I have on numerous occasions been told that I am too soft and do not take a firm stand against those who cause me pain. Hence I am looked upon as someone who is weak. Yes, I have been hurt, badly hurt by those whom I trusted and loved with all my heart. Some of the scars remain and sometimes continue to remind me of the nightmares I have been through. I am human after all. But I am not weak. I view life as a passing journey. If I had taken to heart each and every pain that was inflicted upon me, I would have died a long time ago. My silence nor my approach are not signs of weakness but rather knowing that some people will never see that they have done others wrong and caused others pain. They will continue to justify their actions and things never get sorted out. I have all along nursed myself so that I can continue this journey. The one thing I am grateful for is that events have not hardened my heart nor make my soul bitter. I am truly grateful for this…


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